Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

May 30, 2007 10:09 AM

Restaurant: Boulevard


One Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94105
Fax 415-495-2936
The restaurant is long from front to back; in fact, a block long. There is a bar along the wall from the front to about a third of the way back. There is also a second bar that starts about 25 feet later, along the same wall that fronts on the open kitchen. It is clear that folks eat at the 2nd bar, that's not clear about the first. The two bars seat about 25 people.

The dining room runs the length of the restaurant, and seats about 160. There is a small private dining room that seats 10- 12 people.

As is often the case when having a meal with Peter, before dinner was served, in responding to Peter's questions, our server had shared with us an abbreviated version of her life story. The exchange with our server continued throughout the meal. The service was excellent.

Peter started with Glazed Sweetbreads with Roman Style Artichokes, Bacon Marmalade, Baby Cabbage, and Frisee. I opted for Rabbit, Wild Mushroom & Rapini Ravioli, with Truffled Pecorino, Hazelnut Pesto, and Braising Jus.

Moving on, Peter selected Wood Over Roasted Angus Filet Mignon, Pan Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes and Mushrooms, French Beans with Applewood Bacon and Crispy Shallots, Mushroom Fritters, Tomato Aioli & Red Wine Beef Jus. I chose the Wild Caught & Pan Roasted California White Sea Bass, with Spring Pea Risotto, Dungeness Crab Thighs, Snap Peas, and Miners Lettuce.

The dessert options were just too good to pass up. Peter savored the Chocolate Truffle Cake with Fleur de Sei Chocolate Caramel, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, and Whiskey Chocolate Ice Cream. Because I thought I should have fruit for dessert, I ordered Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Box Cake, with layers of Pixie Tangerine & Chai Cheesecake, Warm Rhubarb, and Fresh Strawberries.

One other thing that I particularly liked was the fact that when I ordered iced tea, I received a glass of iced tea and a carafe of same that was left on the table. A glass with additional ice showed up about half way through the meal. Peter and I agreed that this was an excellent meal.

The men's room is large and "L" shaped and its own way quite special. As you enter, a black marble counter with two metal washbasins is on the right, under a very large framed mirror. As you turn the corner at the heel of the "L," you first come upon two white ceramic urinals with a gray marble divider between them. To their left are two commode stalls, with grey marble walls that are open at top and bottom. Each has a heavy wooden door. The walls are covered, to about the 4 foot level, with a grey/green raised relief. The walls above are painted. The floor is covered with large off-white tiles, except for a row of half-sized black tiles at the wall, running around the room. As you start to leave the commode area, you note that, among the pictures on the wall, are several old-style female nudes. Then, as you stand at the counter to wash your hands, you can not help but notice in the mirror the large frame with dozens of photos old and new female nudes on the wall behind you. Of the many restrooms that WW has reviewed this is a first. We asked our female server whether they were pictures of male nudes in the woman's restroom. She assured us there were not.

There is valet parking and reservations are suggested.

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