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March 24, 2008 10:58 PM

President Bush - Not an Asset to His Party

Only 30% approve of the job that George Bush is doing as President according to an Associated Press survey conducted 3/5- 8/08. This is the lowest approval rating that the poll has registered during Bush's tenure.

In the same survey when it comes to the economy, 67% disapprove of the job Bush is doing. Only 57% disapprove of his handling of foreign policy issues and the war on terrorism, while 67% also disapprove of the way he is handling Iraq.

Finally, when it comes to his handling of domestic issues such as health care, education, the environment and energy is approval rating is 34%.

In addition, 61% rate the President unfavorably. [Newsweek 3/5-08].

Only 33% of Republicans are satisfied with the way things are going in the country. This is the lowest score registered among Republicans since Bush took office. [Gallup 3/08]

Perhaps the single most telling commentary on President Bush's tenure comes as he embarks on the last 11 months of his 8 year term. Americans were asked if they think the next president "should take an approach similar to that of George W. Bush, or should the next president take a different approach than George W. Bush.

76% say that the next president should take a different approach than Bush. Only 17% would like the next president to take a similar approach. [NBC/WSJ 3/08]

Of particular import, 49% Republicans 49% that the next president should take a different approach than Bush. 36% of GOPers opt for a similar approach to that taken by Bush.

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