Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

August 15, 2008 10:50 AM

Restaurant: BLT Steak B

Bistro Laurant Tourondel

1625 Eye Street
Washington, DC
For a variety of reasons there are no restaurant reviews in this edition of WW. However, your editor is inclined to comment about a restaurant in a way that has not previously be done in the WW.

In the last few weeks, your editor has eaten at BLT Steak twice. Once for dinner and once for lunch.

On both occasions I totally enjoyed the food, the taste, the way it was prepared, and the way it was presented.

In both cases, the folks at the front desk were totally accommodating and professional.

Unfortunately, I cannot same the same about the table service.

At dinner there were four of us. The server's actions ranged from inattentive to down right rude.

At lunch there were two of us. I was accompanied by a woman friend. The best way to describe the server's attitude was "indifferent." But the most telling moment of service was at the end of the meal.

The server laid the bill in a traditional folder on the table. My companion, who was paying the bill, took out her credit card, put it in the folder, and placed the folder at a location that was clearly closer to her than to me.

When the server returned with the credit card slip to be signed, he placed the folder with the credit card directly in front of me and left.

My companion and I exchanged knowing looks, she signed the credit card slip, and we left.

By the way, my friend's full name is on her card, including her first name, which is clearly a woman's name.

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