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September 15, 2008 1:00 AM

State of the Nation

67% of Americans continue to believe that the country is on the wrong track. The last time the wrong track number was under 50% in the NBC/WSJ survey was September, 2004, when it was 49%. [NBC/WSJ 9/08]

In July, 87% of Americans said the economy is getting worse; currently 76% have that view. Conversely, those who say the economy is poor has fallen from 48% to 39%. [Gallup 9/08]

Unemployment hit a five year high last month and home foreclosures hit a new record as well.

The Democratic Party continues to be viewed more positively than the Republican Party, 49% to 40%. On the reverse side, the Republican Party is rated negatively by 43%, while 33% have that view of the Democratic party. [NBC/WSJ 9/08]

When asked to name the single most important issue in making their choice for President, here is what the respondents had to say:

  • Economy/jobs/gas/energy - 41%
    • Economy/jobs - 37%
    • Gas/oil prices/energy - 4 %
  • War in Iraq - 10
  • Health care - 9
  • Terrorism/National security - 6
  • Ethics/honesty/corruption in govt - 5
  • Taxes - 2
  • Abortion - 2

44% of adults say they are satisfied with the quality of primary and secondary education in the country. Yet only 77% of the parents of school-aged children are satisfied with their own children's education. [Gallup 9/08]

50% of women generally describe themselves as pro-choice, while 43% say they are pro-life. Not surprisingly, Democratic women are most strongly pro- choice (57%), while only (32%) of Republican women are pro-choice. Independent women are pro-choice by 51% to 40%.

However, only 13% of Americans generally say that a candidate's position on abortion is the sole determiner of their vote. Another 49% say it is one of many important issues. [Gallup 9/08]

By age 24, young adults (30%) are more likely to be married than living together (20%). By age 29, the marriage rate grows to 59%. [Gallup 8/08]

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