Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

November 28, 2008 11:54 AM

The States

Democrats now control 29 Governorships, up from 28 prior to the election.

Democrats made some gains in the total numbers of State legislators who fly under their banner, and the number of State Senate and State House chambers they control. They have picked up 13 State Senators and 83 State House members.

Total Democrat Republican Ind/Other
State Senators 1971 1024 888 52
State House Members 5411 3058 2331 17

State Senates State Houses
2009 28D 20R 1Even 32D 16R 1Even
2007 26D 21R 2Even 30D 19R

Democrats have complete control of State government - Governor and both houses of the legislature - in 17 states. Republicans have that distinction in 8 States. In 24 States the government is divided.

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