Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

April 11, 2009 11:47 AM

Restaurant: Eli's Restaurant

Eli's Restaurant

1253 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
My cousin Jesse suggested Eli's Restaurant. Chances are, if you regularly drive up 20th Street, NW, from M Street to Dupont Circle or Massachusetts Avenue, you have passed Eli's without noticing it or without giving it a second look.

It is a certified kosher restaurant. There are no milk-based products or pork products on the menu. Beyond those differences, it is like most other delis of the type.

The appetizers and sides range from Spicey Potato Wedges to a Cold Appetizer Sampler of smoked turkey, salami, chopped liver, pastrami, and hummus. I opted for a potato knish with Israeli salad. Then, throwing any consideration of calories to the wind, I order a 50 Ways sandwich – Chopped liver and Pastrami with Onions and sliced tomatoes on Rye.

For dessert I ordered chocolate "ice cream." Of course, it is made with tofu. But if you didn't know, you could easily believe it was regular ice cream.

Don't bother calling or going to the restaurant between sundown Friday and sunset Saturday...the restaurant is closed for the Jewish Sabbath.

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