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April 11, 2009 11:50 AM

Restaurant: Garabaldi on Presidi

Garabaldi on Presidio

347 Presidio Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94115
This restaurant was selected by Peter and Florence, and Moira was also part of our culinary quartet.

The restaurant is on two levels. We were seated near the back-end of the upper level which is smaller than the lower/entry level. There is also a bar on the entry level. Because the entire restaurant is relatively small, it tends to be on the noisy side.

Florence chose the prix fixe selection for that evening, which included "laura chenel goal cheese fritter", "bracoile di carne, spinach-mushroom stuffing, pancetta, iacopi farms butterbeans, salsa verde."

Moira started with a chicken liver pate and then a main course of "marinated lamb tenderloins, pistachios and golden raisin couscous, green beans, tarragon sauce.”

Peter selected the "Garibaldi’s salad, sweet lettuces, Gorgonzola, fuji apples, spiced pecans, white balsamic vinaigrette.” For his entree he enjoyed "linguini con frutti di mare, Dungeness crab, manila clams, prawns, Calabria chilies, tomato."

I chose the “chopped salad, cauliflowers, broccoli, sieved egg, ricotta salata, pumpkin seeds, buttermilk dressing,” followed by "chicken breast Milanese, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, arugula, white wine-caper sauce.”

And to end the meal, Moira and Florence chose "White Chocolate Creme Brulee; Peter savored "Chocolate Budiino;" and I managed to work my way through a "Bread and Butter Pudding."

The food was just plain good, and the portions were substantial.

There are two unisex Water Closets. The one that WW used has dark brown walls and large brown floor tiles.

There is a white ceramic commode and a horizontally shaped, white ceramic washbasin that sticks out into the room. To the right, as you stand in front of the commode and the washbasin, there is a dark wood cabinet.

There are mirrors above the washbasin and above the cabinet.

Garabaldi's is open for dinner every night, for lunch Monday - Friday, and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Reservations are recommended.

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