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April 11, 2009 11:48 AM

Restaurant: Town's End Restaurant and Bakery

Town's End Restaurant and Bakery

2 Townsend Street
San Francisco, California 94107
Breakfasts with Stanley are always a treat. The joints to which he takes WW always have "character."

Town's End was no exception.

There are about 80 seats in this long and relatively narrow restaurant that wraps around the end of an office building. It is the perfect breakfast place ,in part, because the entire front wall is glass, so there is a freshness and brightness about the whole place.

At one end of the restaurant there is a coffee and pastry bar that draws a fair amount of street traffic.

On the average Saturday the restaurant serves 300 people, turning most tables about 5 times. On the last Mother's Day the restaurant served 450 people.

The woman who owns the restaurant also runs it. She seems to be ever-present, filling in at the coffee bar, seating patrons, serving and clearing, and exhibiting a great personality.

Shortly after you are seated and get your first beverage, a basket of miniature pastries arrives, all of them fresh from the restaurant's own bakery.

Stanley's selection was pretty boring, a fresh fruit bowl, yogurt and pastry.

I went for sliced bananas and the "Salmon & Onion Scramble” – Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, smoked over hardwood, scrambled with yellow onions & three eggs. Of course, I also partook of the pastry basket. We ended up ordering a basket refill.

The concoction I ate was excellent, well-cooked, without an excess of added fat.

The miniature muffins were so good I bought a couple dozen to take to Peter and Florence, who invited me to their apartment for dinner that night.

Happily, the restrooms, at least the men's room, are not the high point of the restaurant. The men's room has a urinal and a commode. In the corner opposite the commode there is a V-shaped marble counter top, in which there is a white ceramic washbasin. There are mirrors on two walls above the marble counter top.

It has large dark floor tiles and tan painted walls. It is rather dimly lit, and is a bit on the beaten-down side.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

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