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October 16, 2009 11:53 PM

Restaurant: Chicken Out Rotisserie

Chicken Out Rotisserie

Spring Valley, Washington, DC
I was delighted to find a new feature. It is called "chopp'd & toss'd", made to order salads or grilled wraps. I have not tried the wraps.

There is an order form on which you can make a series of choices.

Step 1 - Decide whether you want the salad chopp'd & toss'd or just toss'd.

Step 2 - Choose your greens from lettuce, spinach, romaine, and Asian Cabbage Mix.

Step 3 - Pick from a list of 21 vegetable and related items. The first 3 choices are free and any additional choices cost $.50 a piece.

Step 4 - Select items from an additional list of 13 cheeses, nuts, fruit. Each item costs $.75.

Step 5 - Select items from another list of 7 items that includes various forms of chicken and turkey. Each item costs $1.50.

Step 6 - Choose to have the dressing tossed or on the side. and then choose a dressing from a list of 8. including 2 fat free choices. No added charge.

Step 7 - Order other items like roast chicken, sandwiches, burgers, wraps. and a plethora of side dishes. My favorites are redskin mashed potatoes and chunk cinnamon applesauce.

Step 8 - Eat in or take it with you.

The ingredients seem fresh and I have had a number of excellent salads since I discovered this new offering.

The prices are right and the serving folks move right along.

The restaurant I stop at is located in Spring Valley, Washington, D.C.

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