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October 16, 2009 11:54 PM

Restaurant: Ketchum Grill

Ketchum Grill

530 East Avenue
Ketchum, Idaho
There are three distinct dining areas, only two of which are available in the winter.

The main dining room seats about 70 people at tables of various sizes. There is also an L-shaped bar around which there are a number of traditional high bar stools. The back room seats about 35. During the summer months there is an outdoor covered deck which faces the street. It seats about 50.

During the period of a week I had dinner at the restaurant twice. First, with Jim, Van and Coleen, and then with Jim and Jamie.

The service was casual, but attentive, and the wait staff was ready to engage in conversation.

The menu is not large, but it is more than sufficient. There are 5 appetizers, 4 pizzas, 5 pastas, 8 entrees, and 9 desserts.

The food is solid with great ingredients, great tastes, and little pretense.

The first evening I started with Ketchum Grill Shrimp Cakes with Red Pepper Remoulade. The second visit, I had Summer Salad with Organic Baby Lettuce, raspberries, almonds and chevre.

I enjoyed a perfectly done Ketchum Grill Oven Roasted 1⁄2 Chicken with herbs, spices and pan juices. The second night, I had Ketchum Grill Grilled Meatloaf Strawberry Mint Beef with tomato-currant chutney and Port wine.

One evening I treated myself to a Root Beer Float made with Henry Weinhard's Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream.

The men's room is relatively small. The floor is covered with large tan tiles and the walls are painted a light cream color. The door is painted green on the inside. There is a washbasin in a white marble top and a single white ceramic commode.

The restaurant has had many problems with the drainage of their toilets. In the men's restroom (I don't know about the women's restroom) the following was posted over the commode.

Hi Y'all. Did You Know that this Building is Nearly 125 years old?
This toilet will serve you well.
It can only Take Members of the "PEE" Family
So only "Poo" Pee, "Tee" Pee and "Pea" Pee.
Anything else can go in waste can to your right. Thanks,
From All those who may have to go after you.

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