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October 28, 2010 3:58 PM

A Few Thoughts

This election is about the Democrats. Neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party is in good standing with the public. And incumbents are just plain out of favor. 48% would prefer a Congressional candidate who has no experience than one who has 10 years of experience in Congress. [NBC/WSJ]

Voters are reacting to their view that the Federal government, which the Democrats control, has let them down. They see that some have been protected from the current economic uncertainty ␣ those who, in their view, who least need the help.

The same is also true, to a somewhat lesser extent, in State elections where Democrats have been in power.

When asked which one of the following issues is most important as they decide for whom to vote, they indicated:

-- Economic conditions: 43%
-- Healthcare: 23%
-- Size and Power of the Federal government: 18%

[Gallup 10/21-24)

For too many Americans, the actions taken by the President and the Democratic Congress have done nothing to ameliorate those things which are oppressing them, as least so far as they can tell.

They know too many people who are still unemployed with no real prospects. And, at least as many people as those who are unemployed, now find themselves "under-employed."

They have watched their neighbors lose their homes, and a majority of those who have not already lost their homes are concerned that they will not be able to pay their mortgages or their rent.

Because those who opposed healthcare reform were allowed to set the public environment in which it was debated and passed, most do not believe its implementation is in their best interest. What they do see, whether or not there is a cause and effect, is their costs of healthcare are rising. 46% think the healthcare reform legislation was a bad idea. [NBC/WSJ]

A great deal is being made of the amount of money that is being spent on behalf of Republican candidates, some of it from anonymous sources. Truth be told, Democrats will not be outspent by Republicans in this election and in the Democratic coffers there is also some anonymity.

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