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October 15, 2010 7:57 PM

Restaurant: Craigie on Main

Craigie on Main

853 Main Street
Cambridge, Mass 02139
Fax 617-497-5522
I went to this restaurant for dinner with, and at the suggestion of, Heidi and SaraBeth.

The restaurant seats 70 people at tables of 2 & 4. In addition, there are 4 seats at the edge of the open kitchen, and 11 at the bar, where food is also served.

There is a variety of ways in which you can approach dinner. There is a Prix Fixe menu for which you can select dishes from the A La Carte menu. It comes with a wine choice and with dessert. There are also 6- and 10-course tasting menus. Each of these choices includes vegetarian options.

We decided to select from the A La Carte menu. Heidi and I selected Grilled Spanish Octopus with grilled cipollini onion, fresh hearts of palm, and lemon salad with charred-spiced tomato puree. SaraBeth eschewed a starter.

For her entrée Heidi picked Glacee of Summer Farm Vegetables with five grain and mushroom pilaf, garden herb coulis with walnut oil. Sarabeth selected Miso and Sake-Lees Marinated Roasted Swordfish with cucumbers, pluots, Thai basil and fennel puree. I opted for Vermont Organic Pork Three ways: Spiced-Crusted Rib, Crispy Suckling Confit, and Grilled Belly.

We decided to forego dessert, although we did receive complimentary sorbets after our entrées.

There are 7 appetizers, 8 entrees and 6 desserts.

The food served is organic whenever possible and always natural. A final decision on each night’s menu is made after they determine what is available that they are prepared to use.

The service from front door through dinner was very good. Our serving person happened to spill some wine on Heidi, but the server, as well as two separate hosts, came by to apologize and offer to have her blouse and slacks cleaned.

The men’s room is relatively small, with a single commode and wash basin. The floor is covered in large grey tiles, and the walls are covered in white tiles to just above waist height. The walls are dark grey above the tiles. The walls are decorated with a variety of postcard pictures.

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