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October 21, 2010 4:06 PM

Who Are The Tea Party’s Leaders?

There is no single national leader or even group of national leaders. The Tea Party is a network of people and groups who are tied together through the wonders of modern communication.

There is an organization called the Tea Party Patriots, which appears to be the largest of the Tea Party groups. It seems to have taken on responsibility for “coordination” of the Party’s activities. It actually has a handful of paid staff, but no offices. They work from their homes and laptops.

There is no hierarchy. All Tea Party groups, wherever located or however organized, are essentially equal within the Tea Party.

If any group is interested in pursuing a particular goal or position, they are free to “lead” the effort. If other groups want to join in well and good. If no other group is interested, the ideas usually fade away.

The various State and local organizations seem to connect with each other by registering on the Party’s website, teapartypatriots.org. In Minnesota there are 43 groups registered. In the District of Columbia, 12 groups are registered.

The interesting question is whether the Tea Party will develop a more obvious leadership class after the 2010 election. Perhaps these new leaders will not be leaders in the traditional sense. Their responsibility will not be to give orders. Rather their job may be to become national spokespeople for the Party.

Some commentators suggest that Member of Congress, Michelle Bachman (R-Mn), may become one of those leaders.

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