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December 3, 2010 8:54 PM

Food: Whole Foods

Whole Foods

2323 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC
Open 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
This is a food store with an emphasis on natural and organic foods. Don't look here to find various brands of diet soda. It does not carry most brand name canned goods that you will find in the Safeway. There is the equivalent of a house brand and a large number of specialty providers of canned goods.

The various forms of produce are of high quality. The raw meat and fish counters seem to be endless, and the prepared foods counter is extensive and quite appetizing- looking, as well as being pretty tasty. There is a pizza station and an extensive sushi area. Both tend to be more interesting and tasty than the equivalent stations in the Safeway. The special foods of various holidays are usually available. Currently, in recognition of Chanukah, the offerings include chopped liver and potato latkes. The breads and rolls are very good. And the cheese offering is extensive and interesting. There is also a fresh peanut butter station, but it is not as extensive as the Safeway. There is a large selection of wines. (Again it is not as substantial as in the Safeway.) If you happen to like olives and various pickled products in bulk form you will do much better at the Whole Foods than at the Safeway.

The flower selection is adequate but not overwhelming.

There is a nice little café as you enter the store from Wisconsin Avenue. There are a sufficient number of traditional checkout stations. Parking is all underground. There is an excellent system for moving your groceries down to the garage if that is your choice. You drive your car to a station near the entrance to the garage and an individual loads your groceries into your car.

Prices are generally higher than at the Safeway.

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