Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

February 19, 2011 11:56 AM

Restaurant: Ris


2275 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Fax 202-730-2519
This was my 3rd visit to Ris. On earlier visits I had found it a little more crowded and hectic than I ordinarily enjoy. However, on this evening the crowd was reasonably sized and generally calmer than I had previously experienced. Our party included Rita, Bob, and Debbie.

As you enter the restaurant, directly ahead is the greeting stand where you check in for your reservation. Directly to the right there is a series of 4-person tables, and also to the right is an L-shaped bar with 14 high backed seats. Also in the bar area are 3 high, two-person tables with accompanying high stools. Food is also served at the bar, and there were a number of people taking advantage of that option.

Just past the bar there is an area of 3 booths, two 4s and one deuce.

The main dining room also begins at the front desk. First there is a banquet with several 2s and 4s. The balance of the large dining room is populated with 2 and 4-person tables that can be combined for larger parties.

Part of what made the evening so pleasant was our server, Florence, who hailed from the South of France. She had a great disposition and did everything right for our group. We have a habit of wanting to modify the menu offerings.

Rita started with Greens and herbs with Champagne Dijon vinaigrette and shaved parmesan. For a main course she selected Monk fish Ossobuco, on Champagne lobster risotto, buttered cabbage, mushrooms, tomato fondue and truffle oil.

Debbie opted for Scallops margarita, lime marinated scallops with chiles, orange, avocado and tequila ice served in a margarita glass with a salted edge. Her second course was Pan Roasted Chesapeake Rockfish with potato confit, pickled onions, olives, cured lemon, parmesan cream and minted pine nuts.

Bob’s first course was French Onion Soup Grantinee, followed by Chicken Pot Pie, with roasted chicken sherry sauce and a side salad.

I had the same soup to start. Then I opted for the Pan Roasted Chicken with spinach, glazed carrots and tarragon sauce. I eschewed the mashed potatoes and asked for a side order of Braised Red Cabbage.

The men’s room is relatively small. As you enter there is a full length mirror to the right with a wide black wood frame. Straight ahead is a reddish/ brownish black stone counter with inserted wash basin. The mirror over the wash basin is also framed in wide black wood. Towels are paper.

Behind the wash basin wall sits the commode. This is a one person restroom. On the wall on which the commode resides is a full wall of 3 inch square tiles of multiple colors. All other walls are brown painted. The floor is covered with large black tiles.

One welcome change since my previous visit to the restaurant is that valet parking at the front door has been added.

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