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May 22, 2011 11:54 AM

Restaurant: Bistro Jeanty

Bistro Jeanty

6510 Washington Street
Yountville, California 94599
As the night before, at Marimoto, Debbie and I joined Peggy and Mike.

As you enter the restaurant there is a small reception desk. To the right there is a community table that seats up to 12, as well as several smaller tables. At the far end of this first room there is a bar with six tall chairs.

Once through the front room, you enter the main dining room. Between the two dining rooms the restaurant seats up to 90 people. Off of the main dining room there is a patio, which can be enclosed and heated. The night we were there it was not in use.

For appetizers our group had Grilled Smelt, Crème de Tomate en Croute (tomato soup in puff pastry), Salad de Laitue (butter lettuce salad with mustard vinaigrette), Escargots (with garlic pastis butter), and Langue D’agneau (warm lamb tongue and potato salad). Peggy selected as her main course the Sole Meuniere (petrale sole filet, mashed potatoes and lemon-caper butter sauce). Mike picked the Cassoulet (duck confit, Toulouse sausage bacon and baked beans). Debbie and I each selected the Coq au Vin (chicken, mushrooms, bacon and red wine stew).

There is something particularly comfortable about this restaurant.

The waiters were excellent, and to our surprise one of the waiters was the same person who had served us the night before at Marimoto. He told us that the two restaurants were quite different and he enjoyed the change in scene.

You can bring your own wine, but there is a corkage fee of $20 for the first 2 bottles and $25 for the third. For each bottle you buy from the restaurant’s list, the corkage fee on one bottle is waived.

There are two small unisex restrooms. The floors are green, and the walls are covered with three inch white tiles. There are white ceramic commodes and washbasins. The walls are covered in Italian scene posters.

By the way, the music on the website fits the menu.

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