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December 16, 2011 11:55 AM

Restaurant: Shanghai Village

Shanghai Village

4929 Bethesda Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Bob, Rita, Debbie, and Maureen visited the Shanghai Village on a Sunday night.

There is nothing fancy about this restaurant, but the food is worth the “trip.” There are a large number of tables, ranging from two to twelve people. Total seats are approximately 100. The majority of the chairs are straight, wooden chairs, although a number of tables, including ours, were surrounded with folding card table chairs.

This was a Bob-directed meal, although others in our party were solicited for their favorite dishes.

When the serving person approached our table, having dropped off water, she asked if we had any appetizer preferences. Bob asked her the length of preparation time for Peking Duck. She responded that it took 20 minutes. Bob asked her to imediately go to the kitchen and order Peking Duck, even before we placed the appetizer order. At first she hesitated, I assume thinking that he was kidding. When it became clear that he was serious, and that we were not going to order anything else until she place the Peking Duck order, she left the table and did just that.

Thereafter, each time she approached the table, someone in our group reminded her of the time remaining in her 20 minute estimate. The Duck was delivered at the 17th minute.

Three soups were ordred, “Hot and Sour,” “Wonton,” and “Egg Drop.” Other dishes were “Tung Tin Shrimp,” “Chicken Chow Mein,” “Combination Vegetables,” and “House Fried Rice.”

All of the dishes, including the Peking Duck, were very tasty.

The men’s room was clean and more than adequate. The floors are dark brown. The walls are covered with mid-sized white tiles, except for a series of large black tiles that adorn the walls in a line at shoulder height. The commode, urinal, and washbasin are all in the same area, with no walls separating them, although the urinal is in a little alcove.

Bob found parking on the street, but there is apparently ample parking in the rear of the restaurant.

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