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January 13, 2012 11:53 AM

Restaurant (chocolate): CoCoVa


1904 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Debbie found CoCoVa (formerly Biagio Fine Chocolate) when looking for a place to buy chocolates for some friends who are chocolate aficionados.

CoCoVa describes itself as “The World’s Showcase of Fine Chocolates” and, while WW is not necessarily an expert on the question of fine chocolates, this store is a real treat. It is best described as chocolate, chocolate everywhere. Around the main sales room there are little glass dishes with tiny spoons and dime size pieces of chocolate, making it possible to taste test a variety of chocolates, the names of which you have likely never heard. Oh yes, there is also some first rate toffee.

There are an overwhelming number of individual chocolates that can be selected and boxed. It can be a box that contains only a single type of chocolate or you can, with the assistance of one of the staff, create a box of chocolates in which no two chocolates are the same. In addition, the staff person creates a “map” which identifies each chocolate based on its location in the box. There are also prepackaged boxes of various chocolates available.

It is possible to order on-line, but it is really worth the effort to go to the store and have a true chocolate experience.

The store is located below street level and is reached by a set of wrought iron stairs.

If you decide to try this festival of chocolate, mention that you heard about it in the Watch.

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