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March 24, 2012 7:55 AM

Restaurant: Corky and Lenny's

Corky and Lenny's

27091 Chagrin Blvd
Woodmere, Ohio 44122
Fax 216-464-1822
Corky and Lenny’s is a traditional Jewish style delicatessen. There are 216 items on the menu, ranging from an offering called “Mish Mash” -- Matzo ball, Kreplach, Noodles, and Rice in a large bowl for $7.50 -- to the “Lee D’s Apollo – Out of This World” – Imported ham, Roast Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Coleslaw, Lettuce, Tomato, and Thousand Island Dressing on French Bread served with Coleslaw at $11.25.

I have visited Corky and Lenny’s a couple of times, most recently with Debbie and Libby for breakfast.

Debbie ordered the corned beef hash with poached egg. Libby went for an omelet with bacon on the side. I chose an egg-white omelet with mushrooms and onions. I also ordered turkey sausage on the side.

We had a relatively late breakfast and the size of the portions left little room or interest in having lunch that day. Each principal item on the menu is to one extent or another, oversized. This is not the place to dine if you are counting calories.

There is, of course, a fulsome deli counter where you can order meats, fishes, salads and other items to go. If, while eating, you decide to order something off the menu to take with you, your server will take the order and it will be waiting for you at the checkout counter at the front of the restaurant.

The restaurant is very large, with numerous booths and tables of varying sizes. There was a line of people waiting for a table when we arrived, the entire time we were there, and when we departed.

The restaurant feels rather old and so does the men’s room. It is fully serviceable and reasonably clean, but not special and a little musty. There is one urinal and two commodes that are separated by metal dividers. There is a white ceramic wash basin. There are large grey tiles across the floor and up the walls to waist height. Smaller tiles cover the rest of the walls up to the ceiling.

Parking is not a problem. There is a very large parking lot at the front of the strip mall in which the deli is located.

Corky and Lenny’s is opening a second location in the food court of the new casino, scheduled to open on May 14th, in downtown Cleveland.

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