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August 17, 2012 11:53 AM

An Omelet Enhancement

On my most recent trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, which was also Debbie’s first trip, we ate breakfast at Christina’s in Ketchum for 8 straight days. We also had lunch there several times.

It is there, one morning, that I accidentally created what has now become a favorite repast.

As I often do, I ordered an egg white omelet cooked without oil or butter. On that day I asked them to throw in some finely chopped white onions. Because I don’t add salt, these omelets can be a bit tasteless, so I regularly add a light coating of ketchup.

The ketchup was delivered to the table in a small white ceramic bowl. Also delivered in this fashion was a jam to be added to toast or other bread product.

On this particular day, engaged in conversation, I accidently covered the omelet with jam and without noticing began to eat it. It had a terrific taste, so jam as an enhancement to my omelets has become a regular affair. Subsequently, I learned from Debbie that her mother used to serve omelets with jam or jelly in the middle as a form of stuffing.

So, for breakfast last Saturday, I ordered an egg white omelet, no butter or oil, with finely chopped white onions. The filling used by the restaurant (Four Seasons) was a house-made cherry preserve with whole cherries included. It was quite good, but on balance I thought I preferred using preserves as a spread, rather than a filling. On Sunday morning I tried again with two changes, a less puffy omelet and strawberry jam as stuffing, along with onions, of course. This worked even better. I think the trick is to use jams.

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