Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

August 17, 2012 11:47 AM

Restaurant: Sugar Reef Tropical Grill

Sugar Reef Tropical Grill

Ocean Front
600 North Surf Road
On the Hollywood Boardwalk
Hollywood, Florida
Sugar Reef Tropical Grill is a traditional oceanside boardwalk restaurant. The front is totally open and there is a porch which is part of the dining room, but for all practical purposes, it’s on the edge of the sidewalk. We ate in what amounts to the inside of the restaurant under the air conditioning unit. It was a hot day and we were intent on a little relief.

Overall the restaurant probably seats about 50 people in various size tables.

We ate there with Karen and Larry, friends of Debbie’s. We all had salads. Karen had a beet and goat cheese combination. Larry had a traditional Greek salad. Debbie had a spinach salad and I had a Caesar salad. All of the salads were plentiful

There really is not much more to say. It was a totally pleasant time.

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