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September 25, 2012 10:58 AM

Restaurant: Galena Lodge

Galena Lodge

23 North of Ketchum/Sun Valley on Highway 75
Ketchum, Idaho
The Galena Lodge is located about 20 miles north of Sun Valley/Ketchum on U.S. 75. We drove out one sunny day.

This old rustic lodge was destined for demolition until a bunch of local folks, including the late John Heinz, contributed the funds to buy the property and turned it over to the public. Lunch and Sunday brunch are served on a regular basis. At certain times of the year special dinners are served. The Lodge can be reserved for special events.

In the summer months, it is a jumping off point for mountain biking and day hiking. In the winter, it is a center for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledding, and overnight yurt stays.

In addition to indoor seating, during the summer months there is a porch with tables, chairs and umbrellas which are often organized family style to accommodate more folks.

On the parking lot side of the building there are a number of traditional style picnic tables. It also has a special dog patio with appropriate signage.

All of the food offerings are made to order.

Debbie and I shared a veggie wrap. This is a tortilla with cucumbers and spinach, which is served cold, except for the fact that it includes warmed onions and quinoa. We also had a citrus chicken salad with ample amounts of sliced chicken, and a couple of kinds of lettuce and beans.

Accompanying the salad was a portion of French fries that was so large it would easily satisfy a half dozen people eating ample amounts.

Galena Lodge is a perfect lunch spot on the way to Galena Pass, which is about 30 miles further up the highway, and worth the trip for the view.

The men’s room was also quite rustic.

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