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October 26, 2012 11:53 AM

The Money

The Romney campaign + the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $112 million during the first half of October. The Obama campaign+the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised $90 million during the same period.

This brings the Romney+RNC total for the campaign to $802 million. The Obama+DNC total for the campaign is $924 million.

The following compares the two Presidential campaigns and each of their national Party committees through September 30 of this 2011-12 election cycle. Effectively, Obama has controlled the DNC throughout this period, and Romney has taken control of his national Party mechanism since he became the putative nominee. It also compares the two Super PACs specifically organized to support each of the two candidates. (Other Super PACs, as well as non-disclosing 501(c )(4)s, are playing in this space as well.)

The Romney campaign announced raising $112 million in the first half of October. The Obama campaign raised $90 million. These amounts do not include money raised by the two national political parties during that period.

  Obama Romney
Raised $555,987,426 $340,226,148
Spent 459,006,123 277,091,170
Cash net of debt 96,647,335 58,148,017
Total raised $277,964,802 $349,491,616
Total spent 276,824,329 264,970,784
Cash net of debt -11,755,147 75,407,095
  Obama + DNC Romney + RNC
Raised $833,952,228 $689,717,764
Spent 735,830,452 542,061,954
Cash net of debt 84,892,188 133,555,112

Also in play for the Presidential candidates are the two Super PACs which were organized to support them in particular.

  Priorities USA Action (Supports Obama) Restore our Future (Supports Romney)
Raised $50,888,995 $111,504,312
Independent Expenditures 48,824,036 99,148,341
Cash net of debt 7,291,855 16,567,094

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