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June 29, 2013 8:56 AM

Restaurant: Matchbox


Vintage Pizza Bistro
Capella Hotel
713 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
This is another of the seemingly endless number of restaurants in Chinatown. I was there for a lunch meeting with two others on a weekday.

The restaurant is relatively narrow and operates on two levels. As you enter, just past the reception desk, there is a bar with high stools and a huge, live fire. To the right, up a half level, is a long dining area, including booths and tables.

While the restaurant had been described to me by the person recommending it as having great pizza, the menu is well beyond pizza, and includes appetizers, sandwiches, salads, entrees....and pizza.

One of our party had “honey-miso salmon” with honey-mustard miso, tempura Shiitake, rice noodles, spinach, and carrots. The second person, who had been there before, ordered a small pizza, the toppings for which I failed to note.

I started with a “matchbox chopped salad” with diced tomato, crispy bacon, red onions, pasta ringlets, creamy herb vinaigrette. I followed that with a small “veggie pizza” with roasted garlic, pesto, oven-dried tomato, artichokes. Ordinarily, that particular pizza comes with pecorino Romano and mozzarella. Shortly after taking our order the serving person returned to say that, because I had asked that the cheese be left off the pizza, they wanted me to know that there was a small amount of cheese in the pesto.

One of the nice features of the matchbox menu is that there are several appetizers and salads, and all of the pizzas can be ordered in a smaller or larger size.

All of the folks with whom you interact, from the reception desk through the serving staff, are receptive, attentive and helpful.

Reservations are a good idea.

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