Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

June 29, 2013 8:54 AM

Restaurant: Range


5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW
2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20015
A reader noted that the review of Range did not include a recitation of what Gail, Rob, Debbie and I ate. Nor did it include the usual rest room review. I have no idea why I did not include this information.

This menu is structured differently than most in that, rather than organizing choices by major categories (appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts), the menu is divided as follows: Raw Bar (Shellfish, Crudos), Bakery, Salumeria (Hams, Terrines, Pates and Sausage, Cheeses), Cold Kitchen, Pasta, Wood Oven (Wood Oven, Pizza), Wood Grill, Pan Roasted, Accompaniments (Starch and Grains, Vegetables and Legume), Specials.

From the Raw Bar, Gail and Rob ordered Octopus; from the Bakery we ordered for the table a “bakers basket and spreads,” which is a sample of all the breads and spreads that are offered.

From Salumeria, I ordered “chicken liver pudding, lavash.” From the Cold Kitchen, Gail ordered “fennel, blood orange, arugula, parmesan; Debbie and Rob ordered “kale caesar, whitmore farm egg;” I ordered little gem lettuce, hobbs bacon, blue cheese.”

From the Wood Oven, Rob ordered “beef marrow bones, pine nuts, golden raisin.” From the Wood Grill, Gail and Rob ordered “Cumberland Valley lamb rack, olives.” From Pan Roasted, I ordered “whole rabbit roulade, yellowfoot mushrooms.” And, from Accompaniments, I ordered “cauliflower, golden raisin, za’atar, almond.”

We did not order any of the desserts, which are broken down into Candy Counter, Sweets, Ice Cream, and Sorbet.

While each of us did order one or more dishes, there was an inordinate amount of sharing.

The men’s room is as bright and shiny as the rest of the restaurant, and of ample size. The most unusual feature is that the door at the entrance to the restroom is glass, through which one can see into the restroom. To the right, as you enter, is a completely enclosed commode, next to which there are several wall- hanging urinals, and then another fully enclosed commode. On the other side of the room are three wash basins.

[This review is less detailed than usual because there were others in the restroom at the same time, and I was unable to do the usual which is to take photographs.]

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