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August 10, 2013 8:53 AM

Restaurant: Happy Dog

Happy Dog

5801 Detroit Road
Cleveland, Ohio
The Happy Dog is directly across the street from Spice. As we left Spice I wandered across the street and entered the Happy Dog. It is relatively dark, there is a large bar at the far side of the restaurant, and there is live music. I did not eat at Happy Dog.

There are only four dishes at the Happy Dog; a quarter pound hotdog that is made from the restaurant’s own recipe, a vegan Italian sausage, French fries and tater tots. The hot dog and sausage come with a bun and cost $5. The sides cost $3 each. (There is also a gluten free item upon request.)

You have a choice of 50 toppings, ranging from house-made ketchup to Thai chili and garlic sauce to Yuengling sauerkraut to house-made chunky peanut butter and Applewood smoked bacon. If you only order potatoes, you may be charged an extra $1 for several of the 50 toppings.

A Happy Dog hoodie is available for $30.

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