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September 13, 2013 11:55 AM

1,000 dinners and A View from the Commode

A thousand plus dinners

Have you ever said to someone with whom you are having dinner, “we must have had 100s of meals together?”

One night, a few weeks back, Rita Braver and Bob Barnett, Debbie and I were having dinner, and we started talking about the number of dinners we had shared over the years. When we got home that evening I decided to figure out the minimum number of meals we had shared in combination over the years.

I moved into the same condo building in which Bob and Rita lived at the beginning of 1977. That was 35 years and 36 weeks ago as of September 14th. We have gone to dinner at least, on average, once per week during that entire period. Thus we have had at least 1856 meals in some combination of two, three or four of us.

This does not take into account the times we shared a meal before January 1977. And, it does not take into account periods of time when we have shared 3 meals per day on various vacations. Nor does it take into account various other eating opportunities like lunch.

The View From a Commode

Charlie and Lucy Cook were having lunch with Bill and Susan Sweeney at the Cribstone Grille on Bailey Island, Maine. Charlie asked directions to the restrooms. The waitress said “use the one on the left, it has the best view.” Charlie took the following pictures, first of the bathroom itself and then of the view through the bathroom screen window.

View from a commode, inside shot

View from a commode, outside shot

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