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September 13, 2013 11:54 AM

Restaurant: Newton's Table

Newton's Table

4917 Elm Street
Bethesda, Maryland
Debbie and I went to Newton’s Table with Florence, Peter and Gail.

As you enter the restaurant, the greeting station is straight ahead. To the right there is a bar with an L-shaped bar and high stools.

The main dining room is to the left. It has an interesting combination of seat arrangements. At the far side of the dining room is a banquette with a number of tables, 2s and 4s, which could be moved together. Set up on the other side of the dining room are two wood tables, one of which handles up to ten people and the second which holds up to eight. There are a few rounds that can seat 4 or 5, and the rest are squares of 2 and 4. At a regular seating, the restaurant seats 78, but for special parties it has seated as many as 95.

One of the reasons that Florence and Peter suggested Newton’s is that the noise level in the restaurant is quite muted. In so many restaurants, having a reasonably voiced conversation with the others in your party is a task, because the restaurant is so noisy overall. The ceiling and the floor at Newtons’s are covered in material designed to absorb sound.

Gail and Florence shared a green salad. Debbie did not order a starter, but she “snacked” on the Rosemary Parmesan Fries that Peter ordered and the Beet salad that I ordered.

Debbie and Florence had Softshell Crabs, sautéed, garlic-scallion fried rice, summer vegetables, soy vinaigrette. Gail ordered Pan-seared Rockfish, plantain puree, guajillo chile sauce, avocado salsa, crispy tortilla strips.

Peter and I ordered Fuzu, rice noodles, snow peas, carrots, onions, bean sprouts, eggs, chicken, shrimp, scallops, sweet and spicy soy sauce, black sesame seeds, crispy shallots, scallions.

For dessert, we shared an Apricot Crumble and Chocolate Crunch.

Jason, our server, was particularly good. He recited the specials of the day, of which there were a number, as well as the detail of some of the more complicated items on the menu. He did so with ease and without a note. His level of attention to us was just right.

Upon entering the men’s room your eye is immediately caught by the colors; yellow/gold, bright blue, and yellow/tan. Immediately to the right is a large square, white wall-hanging washbasin with a mirror above. Directly opposite the washbasin, on the wall, is a large, brightly colored, cartoonish “painting.” To the left of the wash basin is a partial bright blue metal wall, open at floor and ceiling, and then a wall-hanging white ceramic urinal. To the left of the urinal is a closed- in commode area. The bright blue wall and door are open at the bottom and top. The walls are painted yellow gold and the floor is covered by large yellow/tan tiles.

There is valet parking.

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