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November 23, 2013 11:52 AM

Restaurant: Hill Country Barbecue-Market

Hill Country Barbecue-Market

410 Seventh Street NW
Washington, DC
Fax 202-556-2040
For Catering Package for 10 or more call 202-556-2044 or email Events@HillCountryWDC.com
In a first for the Washington Watch, this review of Hill Country is based on a meal eaten there as part of a delightful wedding.

On a Saturday morning in early November, Kathryn Hamm and Amy Walter were married in D.C. Superior Court. I can’t recall a more joyous ceremony.

Following the wedding, with the brides riding in a decorated pedicab with their son Caleb, and those of us who were guests at the wedding walking behind them, we traveled several blocks down the street to the Hill Country, Barbecue- Market for lunch.

The party was in the basement room of the restaurant. There was loud music and places for the young people to play around the large family style tables.

The buffet lunch included Longhorn Cheddar Mac & Cheese, Green Bean Casserole with Durkee Onions, Potato Salad, Sliced Moist Brisket, Beef Back Ribs, Turkey Breast, and Skillet Cornbread.

There was a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including Iced Tea and Lemonade in 16 or 32 oz. Mason jars. Also, Mexican Coca Cola, which uses real cane sugar.

I decided to give myself a “meal off” from my current controlled eating regimen and enjoyed every bite.

Kathryn and Amy said that working with Hill Country was an outstanding experience. It was low key, flexible, family-friendly, and long on flavor. “It was awesome.”

Hill Country is the unofficial restaurant of the Cook Political Report. Charlie Cook says this is “the real McCoy when it comes to restaurants designed to mimic those in South Texas.”

One of the things I learned is that there are two kinds of Brisket, Moist or Lean...Moist being code for fat.

While at times in my life I have had what might be described as a cavernous appetite, some of the items on the regular menu even gave me pause.

One of the Barbecue Specials that is served all day is The Pitmaster (for 1), a 1⁄4 lb. Lean Brisket ($2 more for Moist), One Pork Spare Rib, One Beef Rib, a Quarter Chicken (white or dark), and any two Good Eatin’ (8oz) Sides. The price is $27. The same combination for two people is only $53.

In short, this is not the place for a quick snack.

There is delivery for a reasonable price in an area that is bordered by U Street on the North, M Street SW on the South, 23rd Street on the West, and 13th Street NE on the East.

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