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July 3, 2014 11:53 AM

Restaurant: Seasons


16 Herenstraat
Amsterdam, (Holland) Netherlands
Debbie and Rachel went biking in Holland and Belgium. The following review is written by Debbie.

The night before Rachel and I started our bike trip in Holland, we were in Amsterdam and seeking a farm-to-table restaurant...we found it in Seasons.

Seasons is a long, narrow restaurant with 14 two tops and 4 four tops. We were lucky to be seated near the front and could look out on our first sunny evening and watch numbers of people, who did not have reservations, be turned away.

The menu was diverse and fun. It was designed to be a three course meal, but you could demur. We did not.

The waitress brought a jar of olives and delicious bread with our drinks. Debbie chose as a starter a divine asparagus, goat cheese and sweet onion tart with a pomegranate dressing. Rachel started with oak-smoked chicken, mango and coriander salad.

For the main course, Debbie chose spicy garlic shrimp on stir-fried noodles with a salad of avocado, orange and cilantro. Yummy and beautiful. Rachel had the Chicken Tikki Masala with Naan, condiments. It was among the best Tikki Masalas either of us had tasted and we noticed that many of our fellow diners also ordered it.

Dessert! Rachel ordered the Dutch Stroopwafel with vanilla ice cream and caramel. A stroopwafel, we learned, is a waffle-pressed thin cookie and was crumbled into the ice cream. Debbie tried the New Orleans Bananas Foster, a Dutch take on a favorite dish.

Rachel described the restroom as small, but serviceable.

This restaurant was our favorite in Amsterdam and looked to be a very popular local favorite too.

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