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August 23, 2014 6:52 AM

Silver Creek Outfitters: The Men’s Room

Silver Creek Outfitters

Ketchum, Idaho
The men’s room at this clothing and outdoor equipment store is worth noting and visiting, if you happen to be in the store.

It is in the basement level of the store. Everything, including the ceiling and floor, are wood covered. It is bright and has a fresh feeling to it.

There is a white ceramic commode and a silver metal, circular wash basin in a white marble tile top. This rests on a wooden shelf which is attached to the wall. There is one wooden leg at the near right corner. There are a variety of bottles with spray tops containing various cleansing products. Above the wash basin is a wood-framed mirror.

In one corner there is a two-shelf contraption made of small logs and wood slates on which rest various towels and a closed trash can.

Between the toilet and the washbasin there is a vivid sign that says:

Our toilets are sensitive ...
Please only flush toilet paper
Use the provided trash can for all other waste
Products including
Paper towels, feminine products, garbage etc
Thank you for your cooperation, our
Plumbers appreciate it.

On one wall there is a very large picture of the head of a fish looking as if to bite something.

Reservations are not required.

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