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October 4, 2014 11:53 AM

The Races: President

The list of potential candidates for President in 2016 has stabilized, at least for the moment. Hillary Clinton continues to clear the Democratic field. On the Republican side there are six candidates drawing between 11.5% and 8.8%.

In “contests” with seven potential Republican nominees, Clinton averages 49.6%, while the Republicans average 39.7%. Clinton’s spread over the putative Republican nominees ranges from 13.8% over Cruz to 6.7% over Ryan.

The numbers below represent the Real Clear Politics average of public surveys in the respective Party “nomination contests.” In the case of the Democrats from May 29th –July 22nd, and in the case of the Republicans from June 24th –August 4th.

Democrats Republicans
Clinton 64.5% Christie 11.5%
Biden 10.3 Bush 10.8
Warren 9.3 Ryan 10
Cuomo 3.8 Cruz 8.8
O’Malley 1.5 Perry 8.3
Schweitzer 1.0 Rubio 7.5
  Walker 5.3
  Santorum 2.8
  Jindal 2.3

This is the longer list of potential contenders.

Republicans Democrats
Jeb Bush Joe Biden
Chris Christie Hillary Clinton
Bobby Jindal Andrew Cuomo
Rand Paul Kristin Gillibrand
Marco Rubio Amy Klobuchar
Paul Ryan Martin O’Malley
Mike Pence Elizabeth Warren
John Kasich Howard Dean
Scott Walker Duval Patrick
Ted Cruz Brian Schweitzer
Rick Santorum Mark Warner
Rick Perry Jay Nixon
Michelle Bachman Jim Webb
Ben Carson Bernie Sanders
Mike Huckabee Joe Manchin
John Huntsman  
Joe Scarborough  
Donald Trump  
Mitt Romney  

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