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December 12, 2014 11:52 AM

Restaurant: Shanghai Lounge

Shanghai Lounge Asian fusion & Bar

1734 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC 20007
Tel: 202-338-1588
Fax: 202-338-1168
I had dinner at this restaurant with Debbie and Bob.

This is a very small, two-story restaurant. On the main floor there is a kitchen at the back of the restaurant. Just forward of that important feature is a small bar with five high stools. Next is the main floor seating area. As you face the bar, on the right is a four top and on the left there are two tall two-tops which can handle a party of four. Then there are floor-to-ceiling partial walls separating those tables from the front seating area. On the right there are 2 two tops. On the left there are 4 two tops.

Debbie made a reservation for three, specifically requesting the first floor so I would not have to tackle the stairs. She was told that would work at the time requested. When we arrived there was not a table that would accommodate three of us. The person who received us assured us there would be a table.

In the area with the four two tops the table closest to the front door was occupied, as was the third table on that side. Both parties were in the midst of their meal. A few minutes passed with no solution in sight. Then, as the party at the third table finished their first course, they were asked to move to the fourth table which they did, and we had our table for three.

The second floor seats a number of additional patrons.

Bob started with Shrimp Wonton Soup, followed by Sweet and Sour Chicken and Combination Fried Rice. Debbie and I started with Steamed Pork Soup Buns; I also had Seaweed Salad and then Mongolian Beef and Shrimp Mixed Veggie. The trick to eating the Soup Buns is to take a small bite of the bun and suck out the soup, and then eat the whole bun. As one would expect we all shared, except for the Seaweed salad of which I am the only devotee, and the soup buns which Bob avoided.

The service was prompt and accurate.

Subsequently Debbie, William and I enjoyed a takeout meal from this restaurant. The dishes which we shared included Seaweed Salad, Chicken Mixed Veggie, Mongolian Beef (again), Pineapple Prawn, and Combination Fried Rice.

Perhaps the highest praise for the restaurant came from Bob, who ordered from the menu with no changes and noted that he had no complaints.

The restroom is in the basement and I did not venture down.

The restaurant provides a delivery service within three miles.

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