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May 1, 2015 11:59 AM

President Obama

The public’s grade on President Obama’s job approval (as found by Gallup 4/24) is 47% approval/48% disapproval. His approval rating did hit 50% in January of this year. When Obama took office, his approval rating among Republicans was 23%. At the end of the Presidents 6th year in office it was 10%.

Here are other approval scores going back 2+ years.

April 2015 xxx xxx 48/47 xxx 42/53
Mar. 2015 46/50 46/49 46/51 45/46 (CBS) 45/50
Jan. 2015 46/48% 47/48% xxx xxx 45/51
Nov. 2014 44/50% xxx 44/53% xxx  
2014 Election
Oct. 2014 xxx 42/56%LV 45/53% xxx 41/54
Sept. 2014 40/54% 42/51% 44/52% 40/50% 39/53
Jan 2014 43/51% 45/52% 45/51% 46/47% (CBS) 42/53
Jan 2013 52/44% 55/41% 55/43% 51/41%  

Among the last five Presidents to serve two full terms, Obama’s approval rating at this time ranks 4th.

  Approve Disapprove
Clinton 66 35 (4/27/99)
Eisenhower 60 24 (5/4/59)
Reagan 48 43 (4/13/87)
Obama 47 48 (4/24/15)
GW Bush 36 60 (4/15/07)

Americans’ approval of how Obama is handling the economy is at 47%, up 6 points from a year ago. However, his approval rating on handling foreign policy is at 36%, down 10 points from a year ago. [NBC/WSJ 3/15]

50% of Americans now have confidence (a great deal/fair amount) in Obama’s ability to “do or recommend the right thing for the economy.” This is 8% better than it was a year ago. [Gallup/4/15]

When it comes to how Americans “feel” about Obama, 44% say they have positive feelings and 43% have negative feelings. A year ago, 41% had positive feelings and 44% had negative feelings. [NBC/WSJ3/15]

When it comes to representation of the values of the middle class, 22% say that Obama does a good job, while 38% do not think he performs well. The Republican Party is seen as representing the middle by 7%, while 47% say it does not do a good job. And when it comes to the Democratic Party, 15% say it does well, while 33% say it does not do well. [NBC/WSJ 3/15]

When Obama came into office, 79% thought he was doing a “good job” protecting the environment and 72% said he was improving the nation’s energy policy. Keep in mind that his term was only beginning and the public was likely responding to his “promises.” Since 2010 his positive high point was in 2012, at 56% approval, when it comes to the environment. In 2015 it is 52%. As for the nation’s energy policy, the positive high point was at 46% in 2013 and his current rating is 39%.

The public is about evenly divided between President Obama and the Republicans in Congress when it comes to the President’s use of Executive actions to accomplish some of his goals, when Congress does not act.

50% say he is justified in resorting to Executive action when Congress does not act, while 46% say he is not justified. Conversely, 49% say Congress is justified in trying to block his actions. 46% say Congress is not justified. [WP/ABC 1/15]

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