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December 11, 2015 11:53 AM

Restaurants: Greenhouse, Quill, and Plume at the Jefferson Hotel

Jefferson Hotel

1200 16th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20006
Ordinarily, WW, writes about individual restaurants, but this is an exception. This is about the three restaurants at the Jefferson Hotel: The Greenhouse, Plume, and Quill.

The Greenhouse serves breakfast, lunch, brunch and tea. The Plume serves dinner. The Quill is a bar and lounge.

The Greenhouse has four tables that are 2 tops, two tables that will seat up to 6 people, three tables that will hold up to 4 people. I sat at table 81.

Plume has six tables that are 2 tops, three tables that will seat up to 6, and something called the book nest that will seat 2-4 people. I sat at table 41.

Quill has one table that is a 4 top and six tables that are 2 tops. It tends to be informal.

For private events there is a Private Cellar that seats up to 18 people; a Board Room that seats up to 16 with particularly comfortable chairs and 26 with banquet chairs; and the Gallatin that seats up to 44 people using long tables or rounds of 10-12 people.

I have enjoyed several breakfasts and lunches in the Greenhouse, a dinner with friends in the Plume, and a drink with a friend in the Quill.

Most recently, I had lunch at the Greenhouse with Ana, who chose Roasted Tomato Soup and a Half a Grilled Chicken Sandwich. I selected a Classic Caesar Salad and a half Turkey Sandwich. The room is quiet and the service could not have been more attentive.

Quill is a bar and lounge. As noted earlier I have not eaten at Quill, although I plan to do so in the near future. Given the range of its menu, one can enjoy a small bite or a full dinner. It is open from noon until midnight.

Dinner at Plume included Virginia, Whitney, Debbie, Jim, and I.

Virginia started with Asparagus and Parsnip Bouquet, and for her entrée chose Beeswax Poached King Salmon. Virginia particularly commented about how well the salmon was prepared. (She was also provided with a small stand for her purse.) Whitney started with Diver Sea Scallops, followed by Roasted Shenandoah Lamb Rack. Debbie started with Foie Gras Terrine and also had the Lamb Rack.

Jim also started with the Foie Gras Terrine, followed by a Bison Strip Loin. I chose Truffle Arborio Risotto to begin, and then the Amish Farm-Raised Rabbit.

We were treated to a series of terrific desserts, and I became so engaged I forgot to record them.

There is a formality about the Plume, but it is not unpleasant. Our dinners were served impeccably, and, while the serving persons were dressed quite formally, dinner was served at a leisurely and comfortable pace.

Happily, the tables are far enough apart so you do not have to be part of another table’s conservation and they of yours. Plume is now on my short list of two restaurants to which I would take folks for a more formal occasion.

There is valet parking at the front door of the hotel.

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