Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

April 23, 2016 11:54 AM

The Future of Restaurants?

There are no restaurant reviews this month, but here is one piece of relevant information. The day of being able to pick up the phone and call your favorite restaurant for a reservation or going to Open Table and doing essentially the same thing may be coming to an end.

Soon when you want to go to a particular restaurant you will buy a ticket, just like a movie theater or concert. And there will be a variety of billing systems which let you avoid all the fuss when dinner is over and you have to pay. If you are interested in learning more see The Washington Post for April 6, 2016, page E1 (the article is also available online).

A sign of the times: The other night at a local restaurant there was a table of twelve people. Each of the folks at the table was on his or her cellphone.

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