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July 29, 2016 11:53 AM

Restaurant: kinship


1015 7th Street NW
Washington, DC
Open at 6:30 p.m. nightly
Debbie, Gwen and I went to kinship on a Thursday night.

As you enter, to the left is a bar area that includes a long bar with ten high stools and four booths. It is particularly well lighted in a decorative way.

To the right is the dining area. There are a variety of tables including twos, fours and then combinations of the twos to provide for tables of six the night we were there. There is no particular reason that a table of eight could not be created. At the back of the dining room is a long bench as seating for four tables of two.

Friends who had previously been to the restaurant recommended the Roast Chicken but said you have to order it as soon as you sit down because it takes quite a while.

The menu has a section which is described as “For the Table”. There are five options in this section including the Kinship Roast Chicken. The serving person told us it would take 60-80 minutes so we did order it. Another section has a series of what I would call small plates. Our serving person suggested that for the three of us we should order 4 small plates to share. She said that by the time we finished those offerings the chicken would likely be ready.

We first chose Maine Lobster French Toast, Chesapeake Bay Softshell Crab, Tongue Salmis and Soused Pied De Chochon. One of us was drawn to the latter by the fact that the description referenced Globe Artichokes. Happily we asked the server exactly what the dish included and found that the main ingredient was pig’s feet. We decided instead to order the Pan Seared Lamb Ribeye.

True to her word, by the time we finished the small plates the roast chicken was ready. It is first brought to the table as a complete chicken and then returned to the kitchen to be carved. It was as good as our friends had suggested.

When we go again, assuming the same number of people in our party, we would probably order one less small plate. We were quite full when we tackled the chicken. (The balance of the chicken will make the main course for another meal.)

For dessert we selected Triple Crème Chiboust which combines spice-roasted cherries, black walnut crumble and black cherry Sorbet, and Cookie Dough Soufflé. Debbie said on our next visit she wants to try the Rhubarb Brown Betty which we will do.

We had heard from one of our friends that the service was lacking. We did not find that to be the case. The service was exceptional and the serving people who interacted with us were particularly friendly.

There are three restrooms side by side. First is a restroom that is shown as handicapped accessible for men. Second in the line is a restroom that is clearly available for men or women and finally a restroom that is labeled handicapped accessible for women.

The three restrooms are quite similar except the handicapped accessible rooms have a series of special wall bars. Each of the restrooms has a single white ceramic commode, a single square washbasin in a black ceramic counter. The floor is covered with whitish marbled tiles with black diamond at the corner of each tile. The walls are covered with white wooden floor to ceiling panels.

The reality is that either men or women could use any of the three restrooms since they are designed to be locked when in use.

There is valet parking.

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