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July 29, 2016 11:54 AM

Restaurant: Pain D’Avignon

Pain D’Avignon

15 Hinckley RD3
Hyannis, MA
Breakfast: Daily, 8am – 11 am
Lunch: Daily, 11am – 3 pm
Dinner: Wednesday – Sunday, 5pm – 10 pm
My first visit to Pain D’Avignon was with Phil at lunchtime. I ordered a smoked sea bass salad. It came with a very large piece of sea bass and greens. It was excellent. Phil had eaten earlier so he settled for coffee. (I am looking for a location that sells smoked seabass.)

As you enter the café, just ahead and slightly to the left is the counter where you place your order or buy one of the variety of breads and pastries that the café offers.

There are a variety of seating options. There is a bar with 10 high stools which serves as an alcohol bar and also a food eating option.

In the area near the ordering station there are 14 seats at tables of two and four, plus one table of six. In the area across from regular/alcohol bar, there are tall round tables with two high stools at each. In the third section of the restaurant there are 30 regular seats in tables of two, four or six. Thus there are sixty-eight seats inside and another twenty- four seats at six tables of four on an outdoor patio.

Hot items are delivered to your table.

There are a variety of in-house baked sweets from pies to cookies. Included are a number of oatmeal-based cookies with additions like chocolate chips, cranberries and oranges.

Debbie, Chris and I went there for breakfast the next day as well. Debbie ordered a stuffed croissant. Chris ordered an omelet called Croque Monsieur/Croque Madame with Black Forest ham, Gruyere & two local eggs baked on country bread served open faced. This dish was oversized to say the least and it was shared by Debbie. I ordered the omelet of the day containing a variety of vegetables including onions, tomatoes, plankton and other veggies. I was not able to finish it because of its size.

The menu is substantial. For breakfast, it includes seven main courses--including banana Nutella crepes--and a variety of sides, pastries and breads. For lunch, there are six soups and salads, five sandwiches and five entrée-like dishes.

The dinner menu consists of seven main courses--including grilled Spanish octopus--nine soups and other appetizers including grilled Spanish octopus; four salads, eight other entrée like dishes and various accompaniments. And of course each day there are a number of specials.

The portions are quite large.

This restaurant goes on my list of must stops on my next trip to Hyannis.

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