Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

July 29, 2016 11:50 AM

Restaurant: Tico


1926 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Debbie and I went to Tico with Judy, Roland, Madeline and Emma.

As you enter the restaurant, to the right is a long traditional bar with a dozen high top chairs. Across from the bar is a high table with high chairs that seats ten. At the far end of the room is a large open kitchen that has a six person eating bar toward the right. The rest of the room, and another room to the left, has seating for twos, fours, sixes and tens.

We were first seated in a far corner of the room to the left next to a long table of younger diners who were a bit noisy, as if having a party. Roland asked if we might be moved to a location that was a bit quieter and the restaurant quickly accommodated us.

Everyone pitched in with their suggestions of what we should order. The service was attentive and quick. Here is a list of what we ordered, mostly small portions. Scallops; Black Bass Ceviche; Crispy Manchego Cheese; Spicy Shrimp & Lobster; Sweet Corn; Tender Lamb Meatballs; St. Louis Ribs; Crispy Calamari; Tico’s Mac & Cheese; Crunchy Fried Chicken Taco; Smoked Beef Tongue; Sausage and Peppers and Peach and Beet Salad.

The crowd in the restaurant is on the younger side and even at the table to which we moved it was relatively noisy. On the other hand, the food was fun and I look forward to going there again.

The men’s room is pretty standard. As you enter there are two oval washbasins in a black marble top with a large mirror above the washbasins. The floor is covered with midsize tan tiles. The walls are solid red. There is a single wall hanging urinal next to a single commode room that is open at top and bottom.

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