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October 7, 2016 11:52 AM

Restaurant: Nougatine at Jean-Georges

Nougatine at Jean-Georges

1 Central Park West
New York, New York 10023
Jean-Georges is a more formal dining room than Nougatine, which is its more casual companion. Debbie and I had lunch there with Bill and Robie.

When we arrived at noon guests were not being allowed in the dining room even though we could see through the glass doors that folks were at tables. Bill asked about it and was told they were there having had breakfast. After about a ten minute wait the receptionists began letting folks into the dining room but we simply stood there. Then it became clear that as folks had arrived, many before us, they were placed on a list in order of their arrival and were being escorted into the dining room in the order in which they had arrived. Finally, it was our turn.

As you enter through the doors there is a path to the more formal dining room.

The interior of the restaurant is quite modern. As you enter, there is an L shaped bar immediately to your right which seats twelve people on high chairs. I suspect that on busy lunch days they also serve food. The rest of the room is filled with tables of various sizes, 2s and 4s. If there is a larger party, the various tables could easily be combined. There is a long padded bench just past the bar with a number of two person tables.

Nougatine offers a pre-fix lunch menu Monday thru Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.

Robie and Bill started with Kale Salad, Parmesan and Lemon. Debbie opted for the Beet and Strawberries Salad with Shallots, Chili, Sherry Vinegar, Pistachio and Mint. I went with Fried Calamari, Basil Salt and Citrus-chili Dip.

None of us were particularly adventurous for our main courses. We all had the Cheeseburger with Russian Dressing and Crispy Onion. Robbie ordered it without the bun, Debbie and Bill ate the bun and I ate the bottom half of the bun, I had ordered my burger cooked medium well and Debbie requested medium rare. She got the medium well and I got the medium rare so we just switched.

Bill and Robie passed on dessert but Debbie and I couldn’t resist. Debbie ordered the Mixed Berry Pavlova, Whipped Fromage Blanc, Strawberry Sorbet. I selected the Jean-Georges Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

While we did not try them the restaurant offers some interesting organic juices. Green Juice includes Apple, Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Lemon and Ginger. Ruby Red Juice includes Carrot, Beet, Orange, Lemon and Young ginger.

While Nougatine is quite casual, those in the more formal dining room seem to be less casually dressed. Even at lunchtime the Nougatine enforces a business casual dress code which includes no sneakers, no shorts, no t-shirts and no flip flops. I was wearing a pair of Nike running shoes but no one commented or kept me out of the room.

The restaurant has four restrooms, two for women (unusual but smart), one for men and one joint for special needs.

The individual restrooms are quite small. I only checked the men’s room but I suspect the two women’s restrooms are similar. There is a white ceramic commode and a white ceramic washbasin which is set in a square light swirled marble counter. The walls are covered with a speckled light tan design.

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