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October 7, 2016 11:51 AM

Restaurants: My Choices

WW was recently asked where I go in Washington when I am just going to a favorite restaurant for a good meal and not checking out a new restaurant. So here goes.


Seasons Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel


Equinox Restaurant – 818 Connecticut Ave, NW 202-331-8118
(Regional and Seasonal Cuisine)

I Ricchi Restaurant – 1220 19th Street, NW 202-835-0459
(Italian Cuisine)

Bourbon Steak Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel


Equinox and I Ricchi

In addition to consistently good food and service, these restaurants have one other thing in common. They each will modify anything on the menu as long as they have the ingredients.


The Four Seasons has parking at all times.

Equinox and I Ricchi have convenient parking at dinner.


Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ (part of Wagshals)
4818 (alley) Yuma St., NW 202-350-9791
Delivery or Carry-out

Shanghai Lounge (Chinese)
1734 Wisconsin Ave, NW 202-338-1588
Delivery or Carry-out

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