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December 2, 2016 11:57 AM

The Money

The following information is based on data collected by The Center for Responsive Politics from the Federal Election Commission reports. The data from the candidate committees is as released on October 28, 2016. The data for the political parties is as released on November 2nd. Therefore, the totals will increase.

The amount raised so far by presidential candidates is $1.3 billion. The amount raised so far by Super PACs supporting them is $594 million.

According to official reports from the Clinton and Trump campaign committees and the Super PACs that supported them, the money available to support the Clinton candidacy was twice the amount that was available to support the Trump candidacy, $687,261,894 to $306,930,980.

  Candidate Committee Outside Money
Donald Trump $247,541,449 $59,389,531
Hillary Clinton 497,808,791 189,453,103
Gary Johnson 11,410,313 1,383,852
Evan McMullin 1,025,703 0
Jill Stein 3,509,477 0

Selected other candidates who raised more than $10,000,000 in campaign funds:

  Candidate Committee Outside Money
Bernie Sanders $228,171,330 $922,901
Ted Cruz 89,528,776 53,479,471
Marco Rubio 52,331,502 110,168,551
Jed Bush 34,088,583 121,733,869
Ben Carson 63,336,171 18,700,449
John Kasich 18,897,737 15,597,064
Rand Paul 12,149,234 11,600,497
Carly Fiorina 11,974,161 14,627,477

Amounts raised by various party committees:

Democratic National Committee $264,178,780
Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte. 176,207,066
Democratic Senate Campaign Committee 147,229,342
Republican National Committee $290,634,275
Republican Congressional Campaign Cmte. 146,318,771
Republican Senate Campaign Committee 122,867,512

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