Mike Berman’s Washington Watch


Restaurant: Giovanni Ristorante

Beechwood, Ohio: The restaurant is interesting for a number of reasons besides the food. Most of the guests appeared to be regulars. And, there was a whole lot of kissing going on between the manger and serving people and the guests, particularly those seated at the bar.

Restaurant: BRAVO Eton

Woodmere, Ohio: The main menu is huge. There are eight appetizers, eleven salads and soups, eight sandwiches & combos, twelve pastas, seven signature dishes, five pizza and flatbreads, fifty-two wine selections, thirteen signature cocktails, including two that are alcohol free, and eighteen beers, including one non-alcoholic.

Restaurant: SPICE

Cleveland, Ohio: The balance of the restaurant is various combinations of square 2 tops, 4 tops , 6 tops and 8 tops. The tables are covered with white cloth tablecloths, with white paper covering the table area.

Restaurant: Happy Dog

Cleveland, Ohio: It is relatively dark, there is a large bar at the far side of the restaurant, and there is live music. I did not eat at Happy Dog.

Restaurant: Flying Fig

Cleveland, Ohio: The restaurant is known for being very much a part of the farm-to-table restaurant movement.

Restaurant: Corky and Lenny's

Woodmere, Ohio: Corky and Lenny’s is a traditional Jewish style delicatessen. There are 216 items on the menu.