Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

South Carolina

Restaurant: Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

Charleston, SC: Hank’s is quite a large restaurant. The main dinner seating area is filled with a combination of tables from 2s through 8s and a number of booths running along one wall. We were seated at one of the booths.

Restaurant: 39 Rue De Jean

Charleston, SC: The restaurant is rustic like a bistro with pine wood floors. As you enter, there is a shoulder high wall that splits the room. To the left is a large bar with high stools and a series of round tables. There are also 4 booths which seat two people. To the right is the principal dining room.

Restaurant: High Cotton

Charleston, SC: As you enter the restaurant, directly ahead is a bar room with a long bar with high stools and seating for another 40 people. It did not appear that regular dinners were being served there.

Restaurants: The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff, SC: Debbie and I visited The Palmetto Bluff Inn in May as part of our honeymoon. Breakfast and lunch are served at Buffalos, lunch is served at the May Grill in the golf club. Dinner is served at the River House and the Canoe Club.