Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

Washington D.C.

Restaurant: Sfoglina

Washington, DC: We will dine here again in the future.

Restaurants: My Choices

WW was recently asked where I go in Washington when I am just going to a favorite restaurant for a good meal and not checking out a new restaurant. So here goes.

Restaurant: Casolare Ristorante & Bar

Washington, DC: The Savoy Suites and a non-descript eatery has become the Casolare Ristorante & Bar.

Restaurant: kinship

Washington, DC: To the left is a bar area that includes a long bar with ten high stools and four booths. It is particularly well lighted in a decorative way.

Restaurant: Sweetgreen

Washington, DC: Each salad is created for you as you order it. You can either order one of the salads on the wall board behind the counter or simply ask the server to include whatever items fit your fancy.

Restaurant: RPM Italian

Washington, DC: At approximately 12,000 square feet, it is quite a space.

Restaurant: Tico

Washington, DC: The crowd in the restaurant is on the younger side and even at the table to which we moved it was relatively noisy. On the other hand, the food was fun and I look forward to going there again.

Restaurant: Pesce

Washington, DC: As many times as I have driven down “P” Street I’ve never noticed the restaurant even though it has been on this block for 20 years.

Restaurant: Pennsylvania 6

Washington, DC: I have been to Pennsylvania 6 three times. The third time was to see whether the experience of the second time was an aberration.

Restaurant: Tartufo Restaurant

Washington, DC: This recent addition to the D.C. restaurant scene was opened by the former maitre’D at DiCarlo’s Restaurant.

Restaurant: Osteria Morini

Washington, DC: Other than a couple of trips to the baseball stadium, I have not spent any time in Southeast Washington in recent years (or ever for that matter). But it has clearly become a destination.

Restaurant: Char Bar and Eli’s Market

Char Bar & Eli’s Market 2142 L Street NW Washington, DC 20037 202-785-4314 www.dccharbar.com Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Friday 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 pmFor many years Eli’s Restaurant, located on 20th and N Street NW, was the primary...

Restaurant: Chez Billy

Washington, DC: The restaurant is fairly narrow and seats 50 people. By the front windows there are a couple of tables to the left as you enter.

Restaurants: Greenhouse, Quill, and Plume at the Jefferson Hotel

Washington, DC: Ordinarily, WW, writes about individual restaurants, but this is an exception. This is about the three restaurants at the Jefferson Hotel.

Restaurant: Marcel's

Washington, DC: Marcel's opened in DC in 1999. I have driven past it hundreds, if not thousands of times. Yet, until March 26th of this year, I had never gone there for a meal. That was a mistake.

Restaurant: Bistroquet

Washington, DC: Bistroquet is a relatively new restaurant on the site of what was for many years, Listrani’s.

Restaurant: Shanghai Lounge

Washington, DC: This is a very small, two-story restaurant. On the main floor there is a kitchen at the back of the restaurant. Just forward of that important feature is a small bar with five high stools.

Restaurant: Bagels Etc. and Carry Out

Washington, DC: This primarily take-out "restaurant" has been at this location for 29 years. I have partaken of its offerings for 25 years.

Restaurant: La Piquette

Washington, DC: This location was previously Bistro Le Zinc. The physicality of the restaurant has not changed.

Restaurant: Macon Bistro and Larder

Washington, DC: Our experience was notably different when it came to several of the criticisms in The Washingtonian review.

Restaurant: The Red Hen

Washington, DC: The restaurant is a large square. It is cavernous, with large beams and posts and brick walls. It has an instantly comfortable feel.

Restaurant: Fiola Mare

Washington, DC: First there was Fiola, then Casa Luca, and now Fiola Mare. All are the creation of Fabio Trabocchi, the Chef/ Owner, with Maria Trabocchi, the Director of Guest Relations.

Restaurant: Poppabox

Washington, DC: First there was Fiola, then Casa Luca, and now Fiola Mare. All are the creation of Fabio Trabocchi, the Chef/ Owner, with Maria Trabocchi, the Director of Guest Relations.

Restaurant: Wagshal's

Washington, DC: First there was the Deli, then the Market, then Spring Valley Catering, and finally Wagshal’s on New Mexico.

Restaurant: Hill Country Barbecue-Market

Washington, DC: In short, this is not the place for a quick snack.

Restaurant: Fiola

Washington, DC: Debbie and I went to Fiola soon after it opened, but for reasons I cannot now recall, I decided not to write about it. We have now been to the restaurant several times, most recently with Judy and Ray.

Restaurant: Firelake Grill

Washington, DC: The Firelake Grill is a relatively new addition to the Tenley Park area.

Restaurant: Casa Luca

Washington, DC: The restaurant’s menu uses descriptive words for various dishes that remind one of an “old style” Italian restaurant.The fact that wine is served in tumblers rather than more conventional wine glasses is also reminiscent of the old style. The pastas are made daily in-house.

Restaurant: Nopa

Washington, DC: The restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the building at 800 F Street. There are two flights of stairs, one outside and the other inside the restaurant.

Restaurant: Obelisk

Washington, DC: David, who is clearly a fan, said that if he had to choose one restaurant at which to eat every meal, it would be Obelisk. When I asked what he would do about breakfast and lunch, since Obelisk is only open for dinner, he suggested that he probably would not need the other meals.

Restaurant: Le Diplomate

Washington, DC: This French bistro seems to be one of the current hot destinations in Washington.

Restaurant: Matchbox

Washington, DC: One of the nice features of the matchbox menu is that there are several appetizers and salads, and all of the pizzas can be ordered in a smaller or larger size.

Restaurant: Zaytinya

Washington, DC: The crowd ranges from quite young to those of us on the older side. Dress is absolutely casual. The restaurant is rather noisy, but not cacophonous.

Restaurant: Zengo

Washington, DC: The restaurant is a two story affair. On the main floor, as you enter, there is a reception desk near the front door. Proceed into the restaurant and there is a bar with high stools and a number of small, tall tables. The principal dining area is up a long flight of stairs. Happily, there is an elevator.

Restaurant: Range

Washington, DC: A reader noted that the review of Range did not include a recitation of what Gail, Rob, Debbie and I ate. Nor did it include the usual rest room review. I have no idea why I did not include this information.

Restaurant: The Grill Room

Washington, DC: The Grill Room and the Capella Hotel have been open for only a few months.

Restaurant: Range

Washington, DC: Range is another new D.C. restaurant which opened just over four months ago.

Restaurant: Bistro Le Zinc

Washington, DC: On our first visit many months ago, things were a little ragged, so I did not write about it. But the second and third visits were quite good, so it seems time to share our experience.

Restaurant: Dino's

Washington, DC: The menu is quite extensive. There are a total of 83 food items offered.

Restaurant: Tosca

Washington, DC: Tosca remains a favorite restaurant, which WW reviewed in June 2002.

Restaurant: I Ricchi

Washington, DC: Those who read the Watch know that I Ricchi is one of my regular haunts that I have reviewed in the past. But at the moment there is a special treat available at I Ricchi.

Restaurant: Stachowski’s Market

Washington, DC: Stachowski’s Market is a recently opened meat market (butcher shop) in Georgetown. It is located in what used to be Griffon’s Market.

Restaurant: Mintwood Place

Washington, DC: Amy and Peter took Debbie and me to Mintwood. We will go again.

Restaurant (chocolate): CoCoVa

Washington, DC: While WW is not necessarily an expert on the question of fine chocolates, this store is a real treat. It is best described as chocolate, chocolate everywhere.

Restaurant: Citronelle

Washington, DC: There is no restaurant in D.C. that comes close to the elegance, quality of food and service that is provided at Citronelle.

Restaurant: Four Seasons Hotel

Washington, DC: If you are a regular, the Christmas brunch will, for this year, be located in Bourbon Steak, with a special a la carte menu as opposed to the multi-station brunch of the past.

Restaurant: Al Tiramisu

Washington, D.C.: This restaurant could easily become part of my rotation.

Restaurant: Mr. Henry's

Washington, DC: There were more patrons fitted into the main floor dining room than in any restaurant at which I have ever eaten.

Restaurant: Ris

Washington, DC: On this evening the crowd was reasonably sized and generally calmer than I had previously experienced.

Food: Safeway (known as the Georgetown Social Safeway)

Washington, D.C.: The store is somewhat unique in that the entire store is on the second floor of the building that opened within the last year. It replaced a more traditional Safeway that had been at the same location for years.

Food: Whole Foods

Washington, D.C.: This is a food store with an emphasis on natural and organic foods. Don't look here to find various brands of diet soda.

Food: Trader Joes

Washington, D.C.: Trader Joe’s is a relatively recent addition to my food shopping list. It has now become a part of my regular routine.

Food: Wagshal’s Delicatessen and Wagshal’s Market

Washington, D.C.: These two stores are under common ownership and general management and in the same small shopping center.

Restaurant: SIROC

Washington, D.C. The restaurant is bright and cheery (quite a change from the previous restaurant in that location) and has been open from something over a year.

Restaurant: Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Multiple location:s WW has become a devoted follower of Auntie Anne's Pretzels, but not just any pretzels ... the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels, more particularly the Cinnamon Sugar Stix.

Restaurant: KOMI

Washington, D.C.: This is not a place to go for a "quick" dinner. We were eating for about 2 1⁄2 hours, but it did not drag.

Restaurant: La Pain Quotidian

Washington, D.C.: In terms of the kind food that is served here, it is about as far away from Ben's Chili Bowl as one can get. But in its own way, it is just as good.

Restaurant: Ben's Chili Bowl

Washington, D.C.: It is 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. You have eaten carefully for days on end, but suddenly you have an unquenchable "thirst" for an old fashioned egg sandwich. I headed to Ben's Chili Bowl.

Restaurant: Osteria Bibiania

Washington, D.C.: I first visited Bibiania with Marcia and Fred. I look forward to returning.

Restaurant: Chicken Out Rotisserie

Washington, DC: The ingredients seem fresh and I have had a number of excellent salads since I discovered this new "chopp'd & toss'd" offering.

Restaurant: adour

Washington, D.C.: Dinner at "adour" was Jo's suggestion and it was a good one.

Restaurant: Bourbon Steak

Washington, D.C.: Beginning with WW's first dinner at Bourbon Steak, the day it opened, December 19, 2008, through April 6th, WW has eaten dinner in this restaurant at least 24 times and lunch 4 times.

Restaurant: Morty's Delicatessen

Washington, DC: Morty's (it used to be called Krupin's) is a more conventional kosher style deli.

Restaurant: Equinox - A Special Dish

Washington, DC: Imagine my delight, when arriving at Equinox one noon, to find a special item on the menu.

Restaurant: Homemade Pizza Company

Washington, DC: Homemade Pizza guarantees freshly cooked and hot-out-of-the-oven pizza every time. Homemade Pizza sells its pizzas uncooked.

Restaurant: BLT Steak B

Washington, DC: Your editor is inclined to comment about a restaurant in a way that has not previously be done in the WW.

Restaurant: Kemble Park Tavern

Washington, DC: The Kemble Park Tavern, is located in the same space as the now-gone Starlight Cafe. There the similarity ends. The ambiance, the seating, and the food are totally different. Frankly, not better or worse, but different.

Restaurant: the source

Washington, D.C.: This is Wolfgang Puck's first venture into D.C. and it should do very well.

Restaurant: Proof

Washington, D.C.: As you know, this writer is not a wine afficiando, but Chris is, and she described the wine selections as "one of the most impressive wine lists I have ever seen."

Restaurant: Tonic

Washington, D.C.: Tonic has the kind of menu that you secretly long for, but know you really should not eat.

Restaurant: BLT Steak

Washington, D.C. : BLT is part of a group of restaurants that began in New York. In some ways it is another steak house, but in many ways it is different.

Restaurant: Corduroy

Washington, D.C.: When you arrive at 12th and K and don't immediately see the restaurant, don't give up. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the Four Points Hotel.

Restaurant: PS7

Washington, D.C.: The PS is from the name of the chef/owner Peter Smith and the 7 comes from the 777 address.