Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 104

Follow up to "What is the Name ..."

One of WWs readers suggested that WW should provide an opportunity for readers to suggest solutions to the issues raised in the last issue, and include them in the next issue of the Watch. It seems a good idea, so...

State of the Nation

12% are satisfied with the way things are going in the United States, while 86% are specifically dissatisfied. Positive satisfaction below 15% was previously recorded in 1979, 1992 and 2008-09. [Gallup 11/11] In early November, 73% of Americans said that...

President Obama

The most recent NBC/WSJ survey found that 71% of Americans say they like President Obama personally, and 45% have favorable feelings about the President, while 40% have unfavorable feelings about the President. The best description I have seen of public...

2012 Presidential Campaign

The Republican Nomination 22 people have been tempted or have joined the race. 14 people have announced they are not running, quit the race or written it off 8 people are running. 3 is the number of real players...

The Congress

If you have lost hope that Congress can get its act together to do anything meaningful, take heart. There is hope. In an act of bipartisanship, the Congress is in the process of enacting legislation that will overturn “controversial” regulations...

Restaurant: Charleston

Baltimore, Maryland: Two people who live in or near Baltimore, and the owners of two of my favorite D.C. restaurants, all put the Charleston at the top of their lists.

Restaurant: Citronelle

Washington, DC: There is no restaurant in D.C. that comes close to the elegance, quality of food and service that is provided at Citronelle.

Restaurant: Four Seasons Hotel

Washington, DC: If you are a regular, the Christmas brunch will, for this year, be located in Bourbon Steak, with a special a la carte menu as opposed to the multi-station brunch of the past.