Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 112

State of the Nation

In the early August Politico/GW/Battleground survey 61% said the country is on the wrong track. 32% said it is on the right track. When compared to early 2009, there is a slight drop in the number saying the country on...

Odds and Ends

Bill Gates Starts Toilet Search Microsoft founder and history's biggest philanthropist Bill Gates has a new obsession: toilets. He and his wife's Foundation launched a "Reinvent the Toilet Fair" in Seattle on Thursday, awarding prizes for new sanitation innovations. "Toilets...

President Obama

With less than three months to go before the general election, the public’s grade for the job President Obama is doing (as found by Gallup) is lower than that of 5 of the previous Presidents at this point in their...

2012 Presidential General Election

80 Days Until the Election To some, 80 days may seem like a very short time, to others a very long time. What is certain is that almost anything can and will happen. If, with 160 days to go before...

A Book Worth Reading

"The Candidate: What It Takes To Win – And Hold – The White House" by Samuel L. Popkin WW does not generally recommend books but this is an exception. Sam Popkin’s new book may be the first. Given the current...

The Congress

The Congress has, for the second time this year, scored the lowest approval rating in the 38 years that Gallup has been asking this question. Only 10% of Americans approve of the job it is doing, the same as it...

An Omelet Enhancement

On my most recent trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, which was also Debbie’s first trip, we ate breakfast at Christina’s in Ketchum for 8 straight days. We also had lunch there several times. It is there, one morning, that I...

Restaurant: I Ricchi

Washington, DC: Those who read the Watch know that I Ricchi is one of my regular haunts that I have reviewed in the past. But at the moment there is a special treat available at I Ricchi.

Restaurant: Stachowski’s Market

Washington, DC: Stachowski’s Market is a recently opened meat market (butcher shop) in Georgetown. It is located in what used to be Griffon’s Market.

Restaurant: Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

Charleston, SC: Hank’s is quite a large restaurant. The main dinner seating area is filled with a combination of tables from 2s through 8s and a number of booths running along one wall. We were seated at one of the booths.

Restaurant: 39 Rue De Jean

Charleston, SC: The restaurant is rustic like a bistro with pine wood floors. As you enter, there is a shoulder high wall that splits the room. To the left is a large bar with high stools and a series of round tables. There are also 4 booths which seat two people. To the right is the principal dining room.

Restaurant: High Cotton

Charleston, SC: As you enter the restaurant, directly ahead is a bar room with a long bar with high stools and seating for another 40 people. It did not appear that regular dinners were being served there.

Restaurant: Sugar Reef Tropical Grill

Hollywood, FL: Sugar Reef Tropical Grill is a traditional oceanside boardwalk restaurant. The front is totally open and there is a porch which is part of the dining room, but for all practical purposes, it’s on the edge of the sidewalk.