Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 127

State of the Nation

NBC/WSJ [7/21/13] found 61% of Americans believe that things are on the wrong track in this country. ABC/WP [7/21/13] also found 61% with that view. PEW [7/21/13] found 67% dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country. For...

The Diminishing Role of Washington

In the last issue of the Watch it was noted that “the inability of the Congress to get little of consequence done, and the increasing dysfunction of the Executive Branch, have led Americans to the conclusion that they cannot look...

President Obama

Charlie Cook (Cook Political Report) summarizes President Obama’s situation: “...voters increasingly seem to have hit the mute button on President Obama. They are no longer listening to him and his approval numbers seem to be dropping by about a point...


It is way too early to handicap the 2016 Presidential race. So, for the foreseeable future the Watch’s only attention to the race will be to keep a running list of folks who are getting serious mention. Republicans Democrats Jeb...

The Congress

83% disapprove of the job being done by Congress. [NBC/WSJ 7/13] The average disapproval of five surveys taken during July is 77%. [Polling Report] This is the highest level of disapproval of Congress that has been recorded since 1994, although...

Sign in a unisex restroom – not at a restaurant

IF YOU SPRINKLE WHEN YOU TINKLE PLEASE BE A SWEETIE AND WIPE THE SEATIE..... THANK YOU The photograph below was taken a few weeks ago in a well known Washington restaurant which was featured in the Watch two years...

Restaurant: BRAVO Eton

Woodmere, Ohio: The main menu is huge. There are eight appetizers, eleven salads and soups, eight sandwiches & combos, twelve pastas, seven signature dishes, five pizza and flatbreads, fifty-two wine selections, thirteen signature cocktails, including two that are alcohol free, and eighteen beers, including one non-alcoholic.

Restaurant: SPICE

Cleveland, Ohio: The balance of the restaurant is various combinations of square 2 tops, 4 tops , 6 tops and 8 tops. The tables are covered with white cloth tablecloths, with white paper covering the table area.

Restaurant: Happy Dog

Cleveland, Ohio: It is relatively dark, there is a large bar at the far side of the restaurant, and there is live music. I did not eat at Happy Dog.

Restaurant: Round House Lodge

Ketchum, Idaho: There are three ways to get to this restaurant. You can hike, ride a mountain bike, or take the gondola that is used in winter to transport skiers.

Restaurant: Le Diplomate

Washington, DC: This French bistro seems to be one of the current hot destinations in Washington.