Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 129

State of the Nation

78% say that the country is off on the wrong track. This is a jump of 16% since early September. Only 14% say the country is going in the right direction, down 16% from September. The wrong track number was...

There is a Middle and This is What they Think

NBC News and Esquire Magazine have conducted a fascinating study entitled the “New American Center.” The summary of the research is that there is a “large group of American voters -- even a majority -- who make up a ‘New...


Over the last dozen years, as the pro-life v. pro-choice battle has waged, there has been little change in public attitudes about abortion. In 2001, 42% said that abortion was morally acceptable. The number is the same in 2013. 45%...

Action Outside of Washington

In 1973, 60% of Americans had confidence in the Federal government’s handling domestic problems. By 2002 that number was 77%. Today it is 42%, the lowest number ever recorded by Gallup. [Gallup 9/13/13] Trust in the legislative branch of the...

President Obama

The public’s grade for the job President Obama is doing (as found by Gallup) is 42% approval/52% disapproval as of 10/16/13. Of the 5 previous two- term Presidents at this point in their second term Obama’s current approval rating is...

The Congress

In the most recent Gallup survey, 11% approve of the job being done by Congress, while 85% disapprove. This is a drop of 8 percentage points in the last month. Notably, while Congressional job approval has dropped from 17% to...

Restaurant: RL Restaurant (Ralph Lauren)

Chicago, Ill: The restaurant, opened by Ralph Lauren, is adjacent to the Polo store in Chicago.

Restaurant: Fiola

Washington, DC: Debbie and I went to Fiola soon after it opened, but for reasons I cannot now recall, I decided not to write about it. We have now been to the restaurant several times, most recently with Judy and Ray.

Restaurant: Firelake Grill

Washington, DC: The Firelake Grill is a relatively new addition to the Tenley Park area.