Mike Berman’s Washington Watch

No. 133

State of the Nation

In mid-June, the NBC/WSJ poll found that 63% of us think the country is on the wrong track. This is about the same as has been found each month since December, 2013. The official BLS unemployment rate for May 2014...

President Obama

The public’s grade on the job President Obama is doing (as found by Gallup 6/26-28/14) is 43% approval/51% disapproval. In mid-June his approval rating was at 41%, just a point higher than his all-time low of 40% in mid-January. Of...

The Congress

Public confidence in the Congress has hit a new low, with only 7% expressing a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the Congress. The high point in the last decade was 19% in 2006. This 7% confidence...

The Races: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, President

The U.S. Senate Democrats 53 Republicans 45 Independents 2   Democrats Republicans Seats not up in 2014 34 30 Safe in 2014 10 13 Leaning in 2014 1 3   Shaheen (NH) Walsh (MT)     West Virginia    ...

This and That

Recently WW engaged in a discussion with one of its readers: WW: Here are the latest performance numbers for Obama. Reader: What happens when the main stream press stops covering up for Obama in its ongoing coverage? WW: That part...

Restaurant: The Red Hen

Washington, DC: The restaurant is a large square. It is cavernous, with large beams and posts and brick walls. It has an instantly comfortable feel.

Restaurant: Seasons

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Seasons is a long, narrow restaurant with 14 two tops and 4 four tops. We were lucky to be seated near the front and could look out on our first sunny evening.

Restaurant: Oker

Den Hague, Netherlands: We walked over and were delighted to find contemporary Dutch cuisine in a small restaurant with tables on "stages," giving the restaurant floor lots of different heights and a feeling of spaciousness.

A Touch of Angola

An ardent Washington Watch fan sent the following photographs from Angola....